Pregnancy Check-up, Tests, Sonography to Labor & Delivery Services Under One Roof

I want to confirm that I am pregnant; can you help me?

Yes , our clinic is fully equipped to diagnose and confirm your pregnancy.Urine test, blood test and sonography is available at our clinic to confirm your pregnancy.

Do I need to do any preparation before coming to 1st sonography of pregnancy?

Can you guide me regarding PCOD treatment?

PCOD is the disease which is multi factorial. 1st thing is to diagnose severity of the disease. Test to diagnose PCOD and severity of the disease are available at Nandini Clinic.Main moto in the treatment of PCOD is 'self help' Diet , exercises and life style modifications are the three main pillers of its treatment.

What are the methods to delay the pregnancy?( Contraception)

Methods to delay the pregnancy are multiple .As a Gynecologist we will help you to choose one of them .

The selection half suitable method for particular couple depends upon factors like age of the couple, the number of children of couple associated risk factors in the couple etc.The multiple methods available are

1. Safe Period.

2.Barrier contraception

3.Copper T

4. Pills


6. Operation

Is NT scan available at your clinic?

Yes NT scan is a special scan which is done at the third month of the pregnancy along with a special test called double marker both NT scan and double Marker test is available at our clinic.

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