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We have high-end equipment for the purpose of an ultrasound scan. Our state-of-the-art machinery makes sure that you will get high resolution, 2D/3D/4D diagnostic images. Uterus scanning and fetal development screening is also done conveniently. Ultrasound or sonogram is basically a type of prenatal test meant for pregnant women. Ultrasound reveals the picture of your baby inside your womb or uterus. This process is used to monitor the health and growth of the fetus.

Ultrasound is indeed an emotional part of your maternal journey. It allows you to see your baby for the first time ever. It allows you to see those tiny legs, hands, and other body parts of the baby.

Testing for Sonography & Pregnancy
  • Early Pregnancy Test : To diagnose the pregnancy to rule out ectopic pregnancy. Done at First & half to 2 months.

  • NT Scan : Special sonography to diagnose abnormalities of baby at early stage.

  • Growth Scan at 6th and 7th month.

  • Doppler Sonography during 8th and 9th month of Pregnancy.

  • Infertility sonography

  • Follicular monitoring or ovulation monitoring

  • Day D2 scan for ovarian cysts

  • USG Pelvis

  • Sonography for PCOD

  • Gynaecology Ultrasound : For fibroids ovarian masses and period problems like heavy bleeding

Other Tests that you can avail at Nandini Clinic

Nonstress Test (NST)

This is a common prenatal test for keeping a check on your baby’s health. The test monitors the heart rate of the baby and also check the movements of the baby. The term nonstress is used to emphasise the fact that nothing stressful is done to the baby in the womb during the test.Such a test is prescribed in case the baby is facing an increased lifetime risk. Such tests are done after a period of 26 to 28 weeks of conception. The result of the test may indicate that you, as well as your baby, needs more testing, monitoring and special care.

Pregnancy Test

We conduct pregnancy tests in three ways:

  • Sonography : It provides the visual confirmation of the fetus.
  • Card Pregnancy Test : It gives instant result
  • Blood Pregnancy Test : This provides 100% accurate results.

HPV DNA testing

This test is meant for diagnosing cervical cancer or cancer at the mouth of the uterus.

Pap Smear Test

This is an essential test meant for every married woman and monitors white vaginal discharge.


This test involves the diagnosis of vaginal issues such as cervical erosion, contact bleeding, white discharge, cervical cancer etc.

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